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It is the right of all students to make equal use of education which is right for everyone. It is the duty of all school staff to create an educational environmSITEent without high quality, safety and abuse in schools. Peer bullying is a common problem in all European countries. Peer bullying is an obstacle to the efficiency of the education environment.

Bullying, tendency to reveal aggressive behavior; anger, frustration of the individual, injustice, the feeling felt by the threat to his or her own self; violence is the whole of individual or collective action that causes people to suffer bodily or mentally by applying force and pressure.

In the European Union countries, it was first introduced in Norway in 1970 and later in Scandinavian countries and then in all countries. In the study, the EU countries bullying rates in England 4-30%, 10-15% in France, 20.7% in Austria, and 11-50% in Turkey has been observed that there is a problem frequently encountered.

All our partners face all types of bullying. By sharing information on our e-twinning platform with our partners, we observed that peer bullying in our schools poses an obstacle to learning on the positive school climate and reduces academic achievement and also prevents some students from passing on to higher education.

We would like to share with our Planned Activities in our project to combat peer bullying in line with EU 2020 targets. We want to experience and develop successful strategies with our colleagues from different cultures. In this way, we want to pave the way for future employment.

The general objectives of our project for students;

  • -To detect bullying before settling,
  • - Develop a positive self and recognize and prevent the symptoms of bullying,
  • - Share peer bullying prevention and coping strategies in European countries
  • - To be conscious about cyber bullying, to protect, to educate
  • - To provide interest in school by learning how to stop and prevent bullying behavior
  • - To make them feel safe in the school environment, to strengthen their ties with the school
  • - To prevent absenteeism, to prevent abandonment and to encourage the continuity of education
  • - To be able to develop creative thinking, problem solving and cause-effect
  • - Improve the student's self-esteem and improve empathy for others
  • - Respect each other's cultures despite their ethnic origin, gender, religion, language, skills and other
  • - To contribute to the development of emotional and social intelligence of our students
  • - To gain positive and effective communication skills and to maintain long-term communication skills
  • - Providing learning through positive communication with students, parents and daily life
  • - Strengthen foreign language proficiency
  • -To gain the spirit of entrepreneurship to keep up with the developing World